Louisiana's education system needs improvement, and Cleo understands it is time to properly invest in our children and our teachers. The individuals who help shape and mold our children are not receiving the support and compensation they deserve. In addition, Louisiana Senate District 14 serves as the hub of higher education, encompassing Louisiana State University, Southern University and A&M College, and Baton Rouge Community College.

Recognizing the importance of education, Cleo is prepared to work with each institution for its improvement and has taken a pro-student stance on education. With this in mind, Cleo will:

  • Support educators by increasing their wages

  • Provide students in Pre-K-12 with the opportunity to obtain a quality education

  • Work to reduce the price of college tuition

Cleo has a history of supporting education by voting to establish TOPS, proposing increases in teacher pay and student loan forgiveness for Louisiana teachers, and demanding the employment of more certified teachers. He also served as the co-founder of the Education Caucus in the United States Congress. As state senator, he will continue to fight for better education in Louisiana.


Traffic in Baton Rouge is extremely unique, considering it is the only place in America where I-10 slows to 45 mph. It is a major design flaw that needs to be fixed immediately. The new off ramp that is under construction will not solve this problem. In 2007, Cleo appropriated millions to conduct research on a loop to circle Baton Rouge. As state senator, Cleo will:

  • Work to fix the structural flaw on I-10

  • Continue to fight to improve road infrastructure for our state


Nationally, women earn .80 cents for every dollar men earn, and this wage disparity increases drastically in Louisiana. Women in Louisiana fall at the bottom of America's pay scale earning .69 cents for every dollar men earn, resulting in an annual difference of nearly $16,000. Cleo firmly believes  that women deserve equal and fair treatment in and out of the workplace. In 2003 and 2004, he introduced legislation to resolve the gap in gender pay and to create an atmosphere in which women feel welcomed and respected. He will challenge the current status quo by: 

  • Ensuring women receive the same wages as men for the same work


With Louisiana ranking 2nd in the nation, steps must be taken to combat domestic violence. In 2001, Cleo proposed a bill to provide protection for domestic violence victims and increase penalties for domestic violence offenders.


  • Criminal justice reform has been a priority in Louisiana for decades, and Cleo has been at the forefront of the fight. He has always been of the mindset that it is better to educate an individual rather than to incarcerate them.

  • During his time in congress and the Louisiana State Senate, Cleo worked to:

    • Provide notice of reinstatement of voting rights upon completion of sentence.​

    • Remove several mandatory minimum policies.

    • Create a board and fund to reimburse persons wrongfully incarcerated.

  • As a member of Congress, Cleo voted against the 1994 Crime Bill.

  • Cleo has never shied away from facing the issues of crime that plague our community. His commitment to fair and equal treatment in criminal justice is evident in his lengthy history of criminal justice reform.


  • Economic opportunity is imperative for retaining the excess of talent Louisiana has. We must work to create better job training and better job opportunities that will encourage businesses to move here and our workforce to stay here.

  • In 2019, Louisiana's economy ranked 49th in the nation. We have to find more ways to stimulate economic growth.

  • Cleo will ensure that:

    • Better job opportunities are available​

    • Economic development is appealing to Louisiana's natives and visitors

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