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Senator-Elect Cleo Fields to Appoint a 20-year-old to the EBR Airport Commission

November 22, 2019

October 13, 2019 | Election Day

On October 12, 2019, Cleo Fields was re-elected as state senator of the 14th Senatorial District in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Recognizing the tremendous amount of support he had along the way, Fields sends out a special message to voters and longtime supporters:


"I would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported me during the journey of this election. Your prayers and faith are greatly appreciated. As we come together and work towards a better Louisiana, I ask for your continuous prayers for Louisiana's successful progression. I am so ready and eager to serve the people of District 14. Without you all, this wouldn't have been possible."

October 13, 2019 

Meet the six, young people behind The Cleo Fields Campaign

BATON ROUGE - In April 2019, Cleo Fields appointed 19 year old, Kasey Williams to be his campaign manager during his bid for the vacant 14th Senatorial District seat. Williams is currently a sophomore at Southern University and A&M College, majoring in Political Science.


She went on to hire 5 more young leaders to assist her in various areas of the campaign: Shalyric Self, graduate of Southern University served as Public Relations Director; Lorenzo Septs, senior at Wiley college served as Director of Policy; Dylan Thomas, a junior at Louisiana State University; Colleen Temple, junior at LSU Laboratory School; and Christopher Flood, sophomore at Baton Rouge Community College.


"If it had not been for their hard work and commitment to their jobs, our victory wouldn't have been possible! Embracing our young people as the new generation of leadership and trusting in them to deliver good results is the very best decision," said Fields.


The young team's daily tasks included distribution of letters to voters, communication with voters via email and SMS text messaging, phone banking, planning of campaign events, planning of policy and more.